Social networking has reached the highest popularity, although this is not yet in sight. With the growth in the number of registered users is also increasing the number of people willing to delete your account. They all have the same goal – the removal of the page, but the motivation is different. Maybe people just tired of his bombarded with letters detractors or he wants to start over with a clean slate. That's when he and a desire to remove your own account. Most of all, this option is inherent in the very famous social network Vkontakte.

There are three ways of removing the pages of "Vkontakte".

The first way is the standard

By accessing its own page, go to settings and open the General tab, scroll it to the end. There you can find the hyperlink as follows: "delete your page". after clicking it, a notification appears, requiring to specify the reason for the removal of their page. – ! Only then can click on "Delete page" at the bottom of the page.

It is important to remember that all previous activities, for example, likes, comments, evaluation, etc., is stored in the database.

Other ways of removing the pages of "Vkontakte" - a longer but more effective.

The second way is non-standard

Not the standard of this way is that the deletion of the page occurs in stages and, in fact, by the user.
First, start a new email, which is tied to an existing account. Deleted the phone number from the portfolio. Then, alternately should go in one, then to another section and delete the content, i.e. audio, video, photos, messages, toys, etc.

The latter need to remove friends, then his name and surname. Finally, by going to the settings in the tab "Privacy" and tick "Only me".

Account deleted thus automatically deleted, if not to go into it a couple of months. But to the point when it deletes, it will not be available to other users.

The way the third – inadequate

The inadequacy of this way so strongly manifested, how quickly the results come. The third way is not highly recommended, but it can be used as an alternative to two other ways. It is to an epidemic to spread spam, swear, insult users and administration, writing different profanity etc. will Not work and a week of inappropriate behavior, as the account will be deleted by the administration.