Manufacturer shuntirovanii boards are manufactured on high-precision equipment. Machine shuntirovanii consists of a frame, feed mechanism and cutter complex cross-section, which makes the cutting Board with the side surfaces.
At home basic shuntirovanii can be produced using a hand jointer with a function of selecting quarters, or by means of a manual milling machine.
Carefully select boards for bypass surgery and a good dry them.
Strengthen the selected Board to the desired section on the working surface (table, bench) with the help of clamps.
Pinpoint axis (the middle) of the side surfaces of the Board on which you will work. Mark them with a pencil.
Using milling machine, carefully select one side Board surface, the fourth groove is strictly in the middle.
Using milling machine, complete on the other side of the surface Board the ship, selecting, alternately, a quarter to the left and right of the axis.
It should be noted that this home shuntirovanii, of course, inferior in precision industrial shuntirovanii. It is impossible for shuntirovanii trees of firm breeds, and is used when absolutely necessary.
Shponirovannye boards today are widely used. They are used for decoration of facades of houses, baths, arbors. Sexual groove solid wood is used for laying out flooring. The floors are smooth, without gaps, boards are perfectly adjusted to each other. In addition, floors from shpuntovannyh boards are more durable, resistant to abrasion and wear. If necessary, a floor, and you can scrape