You will need
  • Computer, processor, file archiving software and file high volume, initial skills for work with computer.
The easiest way to determine the faulty processor is to replace it. When you have the opportunity some time to use another one, exactly the same processor, you need to remove the suspect processor from the socket of the motherboard and install another.
Health check of CPU could be conducted by testing using special software. Currently, there are many diagnostic programs available for download on the Internet. Downloading a diagnostic program, run it and test the performance of the processor. Moreover, this software allows you to test not only the CPU but also the motherboard, graphics card and other elements of the computer.
But most diagnostic programs are paid. If you are looking to test the computer equipment on a professional basis, the purchase of this program you will be inappropriate. There is a free way to test CPU. For this you need any program-archiver (ZIP, RAR) and file large volume of archiving will take several hours. Try to archive the file. If the archiving will take place with errors or after the archiving process the archive file to be unworkable, then this is a clear indication that your processor to work is failing. During backup, the main load is transferred to the processor, and long-term archiving will certainly detect failures.