Recipe to cook pork escalopes in a slow cooker

To cook in a slow cooker pork escalopes will need the following products:
4 escalope of pork;
- 2 cups of milk;
- 2 tsp. of the salt;
- 2 tsp of sugar;
- 2 tsp of black pepper;
- 2 tbsp vegetable oil;
- 6 tbsp flour;
- 2 eggs.

Pork scallops and wash thoroughly under running water, then dry well and repel a wooden hammer (convenient to do it through a plastic bag). Mix sugar with salt and pepper, RUB the mixture pork chops. Then fold in a deep bowl, pour the meat milk and leave for 3 hours. After this time pour in a bowl the flour, and in another beat the egg and lightly whisk them with a fork.

Removable Cup multivarki grease with vegetable oil. In control panel, select the mode "Baking" and time 25 minutes. Dip pork escalope first in the flour and then in egg. After 5 minutes after start of the program when the bowl multivarki well warmed up, put in her prepared chops. Fry them (with the lid open) for about 10 minutes on each side.

Recipe pork scallops in a spicy sauce

For the preparation of escalopes of pork for this recipe it is necessary to take:
- 1 kg of pork (flesh);
- 70 ml Madeira;
- 70 ml of vinegar;
- pepper;
- 1 Bay leaf;
- 50 g of butter;
- vegetable oil.

For the sauce:
- 1 Cup prunes;
- ½ Tsp of cinnamon;
- the meat, 3-4 slices of wheat bread;
- 70 ml of milk;
- 1 tbsp of sugar.

Cut the pork into portions, wash, dry, and repel a wooden hammer and salt. Pour into the bowl multivarki a little vegetable oil. Turn on the mode "Pastries" and within 15 minutes, lightly fry the chops on both sides.

Then add 200 milliliters of boiling water, Madeira, 3% vinegar, piece of butter, pepper and Bay leaf. Tightly close the lid multivarki and cook the meat in the mode "Stewing" for hours.

During this time, prepare the sauce. This will rasarite until soft prunes, detach it from the bones, and RUB through a sieve. Soak bread in milk and mix it with prunes. Add ground cinnamon and granulated sugar.

When pork escalopes are ready, dilute the resulting during firefighting juice sauce (need 300-400 milliliters of juice) and bring everything to a boil.

Put the scallops on a dish, cover with sauce and serve with any vegetable side dish.