DTP - useful and dangerous vaccination

After vaccination in the child's body is the development of antibodies based on them are formed memory cells. If the body will ever have to face a pathogen, the immune system can respond. No one had questioned the need for vaccination to their children. Today parents are well-informed, and decide what shots to do better for the child and whether to do them at all.

In Russia belong to the vaccinations differently. The reason is that possible complications after vaccination can seriously undermine the health of the baby. Each child must be screened for the presence of contraindications to DTP vaccination. This measure will help to prevent unwanted consequences.

In the first year of life, the child immunized 4 times, since the age of three. The vaccine provides 100% immunity against diphtheria and tetanus at 10 years old, from whooping cough for 7 years. DTP is likely to cause an allergic reaction: hives, angioedema and anaphylactic shock – very rare and serious complication, which occurs within 20-30 min. after vaccination.

List of contraindications to vaccination DTP

Do not vaccinate children who are taking medicines that suppress the immune system. If a child has been rough on the first DPT vaccine, a second vaccination he is strictly prohibited. Part of the DPT are mercury compounds, which can cause intolerance of the vaccine in children.

Vaccination is not available to children under the age of 7 years. Contraindication is also a violation of neurological or seizures in the child. Baby, recently had the disease, or suffering from cough, rhinitis, inflammation of the middle ear, other pathologies exempt from vaccinations. DPT is contraindicated in children born prematurely or having insufficient weight, received a head injury at birth. Should also not vaccinate a child with indolent infectious disease of viral or bacterial nature.

After the DPT vaccination may lead to a slight adverse reactions. For example, fever in a child. It is rather a positive sign, confirming the correct formation of the immune system.