The causes of whiteheads

The main factor that triggers the appearance of whiteheads or Milia on the face, is the accumulation of sebum in the glands. This leads to stretching of the gland due to which the contents x-rayed, forming a white knot. Simply put, whiteheads are small plugs that block sebaceous glands. Most often this problem occurs on the background of hereditary factors or hormonal disorders.

The appearance of this type of acne can cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder or pancreas, poor quality cosmetics and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Among the main causes of whiteheads should be allocated to the incorrect diet: fondness for smoked, spicy, fatty and sweet foods.

The fight against white acne

Whiteheads pose no health threats, but people in a hurry to get rid of them for aesthetic purposes. Mechanically remove isolated acne. Before the procedure the face should be thoroughly clean the alcohol-containing lotion to steam using the bath with herbal decoction. Then the skin is gently opened with the help of sterilized needle, squeeze out the contents. In conclusion, the treated area of skin should be treated with alcohol. At home to achieve the desired sterility is difficult, so it is better to entrust this business experienced beautician. A professional approach will help to avoid the formation of scars and scar tissue, infection of the wound.

Buy in a drugstore a solution of salicylic acid 1% or 2% solution can burn the skin, so be careful when choosing the means). Dampen a cosmetic disk in salicylic acid and wipe the face two times a day. You can use the acid locally, to do this, take a cotton swab, dip in solution and apply solely on the problem areas of the skin.

In the fight against white acne bath will help. The next time you visit the steam room, grab a oak or birch broom. Thoroughly wash face with soap and water, wet skin, and gently beat yourself with a broom in the face. Such a procedure is perfectly opens and cleanses the pores, eliminates toxins. You can then treat the face and hands with rubbing alcohol, gently squeeze out the contents whiteheads from pores.

Aspirin is a good treatment for whiteheads, acne. Pills anti-inflammatory effect quickly heal and dry acne. Take 10 tablets of aspirin, crush them into powder, pour a small amount of warm water and mix. Drain excess water and wet slurry attach to the center of the eels (you can mix the aspirin with lotion or honey), keep 5-10 minutes. To do such mask is recommended not more often two times a week.