Prolactin and its significance for women's health

Hormonal background of woman affects her ability to conceive. Change associated with an increase or a decrease in the secretion of a hormone might cause menstrual disorder and have a negative impact on reproductive function.

One of the most important female hormones - prolactin. Responsible for its production is the pituitary gland. Prolactin regulates lactation, water-salt balance, increases mammary glands during pregnancy.

High or low contents of prolactin in blood may lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle. In this case the woman may experience a lack of ovulation over a long period. For this pathology pregnancy usually does not occur.

How to get pregnant with elevated concentration of prolactin in the blood

In the absence of pregnancy for a long time the woman must consult a doctor. Only a specialist can more accurately determine what exactly is the cause of infertility.

The detection of high content of prolactin in the blood explains a lot. But doctors assure that to solve the problem, indepth study. It is very important to take a blood test in the morning. Before that, do not eat, drink coffee, and smoke.

Upon detection of the high content of prolactin in the blood doctor definitely directs the woman to the examination of the brain. This pathology can be caused by the development of benign or malignant tumors of the pituitary gland.

If no abnormality of the brain, you can plan pregnancy. For normalization of a hormonal background it is necessary to drink a course of drugs. Assign them can only be a doctor, so a visit to a specialist in this case. Usually gynecologists-endocrinologists prescribe to their patients "Dostinex" or its cheaper counterpart is "Bromocriptine".

The use of hormones helps to suppress the synthesis of prolactin and cause hormonal background in norm. During their reception women need to be sure to eat right, to follow the mode of sleep and rest. Experts also recommend quitting Smoking as this bad habit increases the production of prolactin.

During treatment, a woman needs to track the time of ovulation and mark the beginning and end of menstruation. Very convenient to use ovulation test. It is also possible to apply the method of measurement of basal temperature. At the time of the release of an egg from the ovary, the temperature rises sharply.

In order to increase the chances of a successful conception, a couple should make love during the onset of ovulation. Favorable are also 3 days before the date of maturation of the egg and 3 days after. To stop taking hormonal drugs should immediately after pregnancy.