The bronzer is called not only an artificial tan, but cosmetic, with which achieves the effect of staining the top layer of the skin without exposure it to sunlight. The active substance in sunless tanning interact with proteins in the skin and contribute to the staining of the upper Horny layer of the epidermis.

The types of tanning

First, you should separate Tanner for the face and body. Cosmetic for face and provides a softer effect and are usually less drying skin. Self-tanning for body is more intense, so apply it should be very carefully and accurately.

Secondly, the bronzer comes in different forms and, accordingly, applied in different ways. The tanning spray is applied to the body by spraying. Special salons have special adaptations for fast and even distribution of funds on the skin.

Easy to use creams and lotions for tanning. They are applied on the skin and RUB smooth circular motions. The tan begins to appear after about five minutes, and the maximum effect will be noticeable after a few hours, so it's important not to overdo the amount not to be disappointed in the result set.
The tan usually lasts for weeks, and then there is a natural shift of the Horny layer of the skin and return natural skin tone.

The optimal decision when choosing means will be a consultation with the professional cosmetologists and salon application tanning specialists will help you obtain a tan shade you need and to avoid spots and streaks.

Bronzer: benefit and harm

The advantages of tanning can be attributed only practical benefit is the opportunity to purchase a Golden skin tone without exposure of the skin to ultraviolet light. You can look tanned at any time of the year, just by choosing the right color bronzer. All self-tanning synthetic, so it is hardly possible to speak about significant benefits for the skin.

The dangers of using bronzer is that it often happens that he dries and dehydrates the skin. Today, many manufacturers add to the cosmetic moisturizers, avoiding excessive drying of the skin, besides you can along with a bronzer to use a variety of moisturizing lotions and oil.
Tanning can cause an allergic reaction, so before use apply elbow your chosen remedy and wait 48 hours. The appearance of redness or itching to use self-tanning is not recommended.

If apply for instant tan sloppy, instead of a uniform bronze color, to spots and stains. To fix the error, use a cotton pad soaked with lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide. To apply bronzer it is recommended wearing gloves so your palms are not acquired unsightly orange color.