Available a wide range of after tan, it is important to make the right choice. To start, determine your skin type and according to him pick up a cosmetic product.
Before buying, read the label. The important role played by the components included in the composition. Excellent work Mexoryl, dioxide Titania, zinc oxide, avobenzone. An additional advantage will be the moisturizer or "anti-aging" properties of the cream. Also note the date of manufacture and shelf life of the cosmetic product.
After-sun products are available in the form of a cream, lotion, spray and gel. Make sure that in its composition there are vitamins or natural supplements. For example, mint, green tea, chamomile and a succession soothe, relieve irritation and cool the skin. Moisturizing and calming effect also have vitamin E, glycerin and panthenol.
The product should be soft in texture and have a pleasant mild smell. Even a nice tan will help you look even more gorgeous, but the novelty of modern cosmetics will make it as harmless to your skin.