In accordance with article 671 of the Civil code, if the parties to the transaction are the individuals who prepared the contract of employment, but if at least one of the parties is a legal entity, you will need to make a deal the lease. The need for the Treaty does not require proof. This document must be issued to the landlord and the tenant could at any moment to protect their interests in case of disputes, as it happens quite often. According to part 2 of article 683 of the Civil code, concluded for a period less than 1 year contract possible not to register in bodies of Federal registration service, but if the transaction is long-term, the issue of its state registration should be mandatory.
Before signing the contract the landlord is obliged to present the document confirming his rights to the apartment and the conclusion of the contract of employment and a document certifying his identity. The employment contract shall be drawn up in simple written form and does not require notarization, but it needs to be spelled out essential terms, without which the transaction will be declared null and void by any court. For tenancy agreement or lease, these conditions are an indication of the parties to the transaction object and the recruitment fees for hiring premises. The term recruitment refers to secondary conditions and in the case when not specified in the text of the agreement, the transaction is concluded for a period not exceeding 5 years.
As an Annex to the contract of employment can be an act of acceptance-transfer of the apartment. This is imperative, since such a document will allow to protect the material interests of both the landlord and the tenant. In this act to the maximum level of detail to describe not only the technical condition of all rent of the premises, but items of furniture, interiors and household appliances. It is convenient to make a list in a table. The certificate must be signed by both parties indicating the date of signature.
If the long-term contract of employment, execute a certificate on its state registration. To do this, in the organs rosreestra will need to submit an application, receipt of payment of the state fee, three copies of the contract, copies of the identity of the lessor and the lessee documents, the cadastral passport at the apartment.