You will need
  • - passport;
  • - title documents;
  • - a contract.
To take a free living space at any time. If you are planning to obtain a stable income, not to worry about the safety of their property, the best option is to look for reliable tenants willing to stay long in the apartment. To obtain high income, the apartment you rent, this option is suitable for those owners who have a lot of free time to themselves to systematically look for new tenants, to enter into a contract to convey and pick up the keys. The case is quite troublesome.
Before finding new tenants bring the apartment in decent condition. The most readily removed from housing serviceable equipment, with working electricity. If the former tenants left garbage or the apartment is located in an unfavorable light, make small repairs. This will help you to quickly find tenants.
Next, post the advertisement in mass media, regional printed publications, post on billboards. Notify all the relatives, friends, colleagues that you give extra living space. Often tenants are very fast, as the demand for housing, rental is still very large.
Read the documents of the tenants, show them your passport and documents of title to housing, to enable them to familiarise with them and make sure that it is the owner of the property with quite serious intent to lease the vacant floor space.
Verbally talk about the price. If all are satisfied, conclude a written contract. Select it in all the passport details of the tenants and the landlord, describe in detail all the conditions under which you provide an apartment to rent. A copy of the contract pass to the tenants, the other Express himself, he will be required to submit to the tax office.
According to the tax law, any income necessary to deduct in the budget of 13%. Therefore, immediately after the surrender of apartments for rent, contact the local office of the Federal tax service, complete a Declaration, show your passport and a photocopy of the contract of employment.