You will need
  • it is a flat stone;
  • - bark, or part of a tree trunk;
  • thin metal plate;
  • - knife or thick needle;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - lacquer furniture;
  • - thin brush;
  • - awl or fine drill bit;
  • - black paint for wood or stone;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Select the basis for the manufacture of runic talismans. The need to use only natural materials. Best suited tree. Magical characters can also be applied to stone, bone, cardboard, cloth of silk, linen or cotton.
Give your mascot a desired shape: oval, circle, or rectangle with rounded corners. Natural sand base, it should not have sharp protrusions and irregularities. Wooden blank need to varnish or beeswax.
Adjusting the symbols to be applied to the talisman. Their meanings and correct graphical images look in special books. You may prefer one rune, recognizing its importance to you, or to combine two or three.
Write the runes on the amulet. This should be done on a certain day of the week. Talisman "love" make Monday or Friday, for protection – on Tuesday, for the healing and preservation of health – the environment for financial well – being- Thursday, to attract good luck on Saturday. Amulets, protecting the family from harm, and create on Sunday.
On the reverse side of the talisman draw a monogram, consisting of your initials. To do this, pick up runes, denoting the first letters of name and surname by clicking on the link below. This monogram will connect the amulet with your personality, make it personal.
"Charge" the talisman to activate its power. There are several rituals. The easiest of these involves empowering the talisman of the four elements of nature: air, earth, water and fire. Sequentially perform the following steps:1. Hold the talisman over the smoke emanating from the incense sticks. It will be filled with the power of the air.2. Leave the amulet for a few hours in the sun or carry over a candle flame. Runes will get the power of fire.3. Splash on both sides of the talisman of pure water. Her power would go to the runes.4. At night, leave the amulet on dry soil, lightly sprinkled on top. It will absorb the earth's energy.
Ready-made mascot wear around your neck as a pendant. Choose a long chain or cord, so that your amulet was on his chest close to his heart. Several separate plates with runes to collect the bracelet. Another option of wearing the amulet in his pocket. Do not tie the charm to the keychain. Don't throw it anywhere. Remember that this is not just a decoration, but a source of energy and strength.