You will need
    • coffee beans
    • coffee grinder,
    • Turk
    • sugar to taste,
    • salt on the tip of a knife.
The uniqueness of coffee "Kopi Luwak" is his way of "production". This variety grows coffee in Indonesia, on the island of Java. But it's not where it grows coffeeynoe plant. The basic attention-grabbing fact — the berries are coffee eat small local animals the size of a cat, the Luwak, which gave the name to this sort of coffee. They say that in nature they choose the most ripe and delicious berries. These animals only eat of coffee, most berries are not digested and comes out naturally. However, it processed the most useful enzymes and enzymes. Here at this stage of the production process of coffee into the hands of people. Coffee berries are washed, dried and fried. And they go on sale, delighting fans willing to buy this extraordinary coffee for fabulous sums. By the way, abroad poundof Kopi Luwakand" can cost from 100 to 600 dollars. Domestic online stores offer the Russian connoisseurs of coffee 100 grams of these beans for a sum approaching 2,000 rubles.
Currently, the production process of coffee "Kopi Luwak" put on the production track. In East Java farm, where cells live in a small Luwak, which every day, workers poured huge bowls of coffeeinih berries. They say that this coffee a unique chocolate aroma, Golden color, smooth taste and incredible fortress. And you cook yourself a Cup of the most delicious in the world of coffee.
Becomes most fragrant drink made from freshly ground beans. Take the right amount and put them in a coffeeMolk. In order to brew coffee, ideal proven classic Turk. Best of all, it shall be copper with silver coating inside. Water take bottled or well filtered. No boiled or from the tap is not suitable to create a delicious drink. Best of all, if the water is ice cold. Pre-chill in a refrigerator.
In the heated water in Turku pour coffee. One Cup take a full teaspoon with a slide. Add pinch of salt, just a little bit, it will increase the formation of foam. While coffee is hot, in the Turk will appear bright foam. Her to carefully remove a teaspoon and putting on cups from which you drink coffee. Wait until the coffeeina the foam rises to the neck of the Turks, remove it one last time and stir. Keep coffee does not boil, it may lose its magical aroma and flavor. Coffee should be drunk immediately after it is cooked, otherwise it becomes bitter.