You will need
  • coffee;
  • ice cream.
Coffee ice cream is a popular drink in hot weather. It's called "iced coffee" and the recipe has a French origin. This drink has a pleasant creamy taste, vanilla flavor, very cool and at the same time invigorating. However, for the cold weather to prepare coffee with ice cream, only to make it more hot.
Brew coffee like I normally would, give him a little brew and cool down. Prefer a hotter version - just keep cooking. Coffee for cooking can be replaced and the usual instant coffee, special requirements there is, it all depends on your preferences and possibilities.
Pour prepared coffee into a Cup, but don't refill until the end. Fill about half or two thirds of a Cup, leaving room for the ice cream and additives. If desired, at this stage you can add coffee milk or cream, a little sugar, then the drink will not be bitter the taste will be more tender. Do not overdo it with sugar, as ice cream will add to your coffee sweet, then the drink can be too cloying.
Now it's time for ice cream. For iced coffee only suitable ice cream sundae or ice cream without any additives and flavor variations. The amount of ice cream in your coffee depends on your preference. Some cost only one spoon, but someone who likes to add a little more. Ice cream can be put immediately in a cafe and just let him melt, and you can put parts. In this case, put a spoonful of ice cream into coffee and stir it until the foam from the top. Then put a beautiful slide the rest of the mass and give a little brew and to melt.
You can add the drink ingredients. Get a delicious iced coffee with liqueur, brandy, syrup. On top of the ice cream is usually rubbed with chocolate or sprinkled with cinnamon. To drink iced coffee can be as a separate drink it is completely self-sufficient without additional desserts, and can be used with cakes, cookies, cake.
Iced coffee served in a regular coffee Cup or in a tall glass with a handle. In a glass, add straw to drink comfortably. By the way, instead of coffee, you can use cocoa or hot chocolate, with similar option with ice cream will also be delicious.