Advice 1: How to make your search engine

The most popular sites on the Internet are search engines. With their help, you can always find the information you need. Let's try to create your own search engine for the scheme, which worked the very first search engines. Later you can modify your search engine and turn it into a full-fledged modern. It depends on your skills and willingness. So, below are instructions for creating a meta-search engine.
How to make your search engine
Divide your search into three parts. The first part is the interface of the future web search engine, which is written in PHP. The second part is the index database (My SQL) that stores all the information about the pages. The third part is a web crawler which will index web pages and put their data in the index, it is made in Delphi language.
Let's start to create the interface. Create a file index.php. To do this, divide the page into two parts using the table. The first part is a search form, the second – search results. In the upper part create a form that will send information to the file index.php with the get method. It will be located three elements – a text box and two buttons. One button is used to submit the query, the second is to clean the field (this button is not required).
Give the text field the name "search", the first button (the one that sends a request) the name "Search". The name of the form itself, leave as it is – "form1".
The results are displayed in the bottom of the table with php, so open tag <?php and start writing code.
Connect configuration file to connect to the database.

include "config.php";

Check whether you have pressed the button "Search".

if (isset($_GET['button'])) {code to be executed in the case if the button "Search" is pressed} else {code to be executed in the case if the button "Search" is not pressed}

If the button is pressed, then check for a search query.

if (isset($_GET['search'])){$search=$_GET['search'];}
If the search query is, then set the variable $search text to search for.
Check the query that it was not empty and was not shorter than three symbols.
if ($search!=" && strlen($search)>2){ code to search the database } else {echo "you Specified an empty search query or search string contains less than 3 characters.";}

In that case, if the search query will satisfy the upper condition, start the search script.
Start a loop that will display the search results using printf.
That's about it. If you have the necessary knowledge, then you may want to add in the search the items you want and make your algorithm of its creation.

Advice 2 : How to make your e-mail

Every day a growing number of Internet users, opening not only a source of information and services for communication via e-mail. Any user can get a unique email address for registering on websites, or maintain communication with relatives and friends. Therefore, sooner or later, you should think about your email and to find an appropriate mail server.
How to make your e-mail
You will need
  • Internet
  • Browser
First of all you need to choose a mail server place of your future e-mail. Today there are many portals, providing email addresses, the most popular being,,,, You can choose a suitable portal which may already use like search engine or the main source of information, and configure there your mail.
If you have already decided on the future of the mail server, you go to the registration email address. The process of registering on any website about the same and offers the application and specify a security question, in case if you forget the password of your e-mail. Filling in the questionnaire should be approached responsibly, as if your email will get hacked, you will have to provide the Registrar with personal data. So if you decide to use a pseudonym or intentionally use fake data, you should store them in a safe place.
Completely filling the personal data, read the user agreement and by agreeing with him, save the page. After updating you will see a notification that your mail has been successfully created.
E-mail, as a rule, should be offered free conditions. But there are sites that do it for a certain monthly fee with a beautiful and exclusive domain name and a lot of additional functions. Before buying Inbox, you should consider all the possibilities of free services, and then have to make the offer.
Useful advice
When you select a mail server, pay special attention to popular portals that offer postal service. Typically, these portals are time-tested and guarantee reliability and functionality.
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