"And now we're on year older..."

This happens due to various reasons. The most obvious is the awareness that another year of his precious life lived, and therefore, reduced the time of his stay in this world. But philosophers argue that everyone is close to death, just born, and nobody knows how many years allotted to earthly existence. Just the man is arranged so that think about the time, only acknowledging the fact that another cut has passed. And date of birth – a milestone measuring a sufficiently large time interval, and hence the realization that he lived – a good occasion to reflect on the transience of existence than the mere transfer of the hands on the clock.

"We were young"

Another reason for sadness on the day of his birth – the realization that the holiday is over the years, not so much fun and joy, such as in childhood or early adolescence. While the person is still small, every date is another sign of his "maturity", a step towards independence. And yet this expectation of gifts and surprises, a sense of wonder! Adults no longer need proof of his status – he managed to get used to it. Gifts do not seem a miracle, and he himself able to get what your heart desires. The sense of wonder doesn't come over anymore, and this is sad.

"Look, love me more..."

Deteriorating mood in anticipation of a private event and people who are not satisfied with relations with others. Really easy to enjoy the holiday, if not friends that we would like him to call, and your loved ones will not have to wait for manifestations of love and attention. Particularly acute is felt in the birthday party: after all, "personal date" the most important for the human "ego". On a day like this you want people to pay for the birthday boy special attention, remember about how great he is and favorite. And if that happens, a person sad.

"Return everything and go in circles..."

Another reason of the broken condition, and even depression prior to the day of birth is called esoteric. It is believed that the year a person goes through a life cycle, a kind of "life in miniature". And a few days before the date of birth – this is the "little death" before the next revival. So many people have commented before the onset of the "date X" deterioration of health, weakness, exacerbation of chronic diseases, reduced emotional background. Typically, these symptoms pass in the first month after his birthday began a new round of life and the body again accumulates energy and strength!