There is nothing surprising in the fact that among youth, the teaching profession is not a success. All light that was stored in the Magisterium, was subjected to ridicule in 2010. This year the government of Russia declared the year of the teacher. Never before in the history of pedagogy, teachers had not experienced so much shame and humiliation. The school's authority was undermined by the release on the screens of the country a radical of the series Valeria Gai Germanika "School", set teachers, degenerates, pedophiles and alcoholics. The country swept the beating of teachers in the school and outside, which is not without pleasure, told the media. This year is bearing fruit.

Working conditions

Working conditions of teachers now involve risk and danger. The teacher has no opportunity to confront rudeness and boorishness of the children and parents. Raised his voice – the complaint! Put the wrong grade for a quarter, and can be beaten, waylaid on the street. The only thing you can defend it – dokladnie to the Director. But what can the Director do if the family has already raised the child to the school if the teenager is confident of their impunity?

Injuries can occur and not malice. The case when the teacher broke the head with a chair by accident. The boy wanted to throw a chair to the girl at recess, but the teacher shouldn't have gone to class. Or other precedent, during which the student was thrown through a glass ceiling pouch with replaceable shoes, and the fragments scattered across a cool office, injuring both children and teacher.

The life of modern teachers has become an arena of war, where every day it is not known what the outcome of the battle for discipline and academic performance. In this regard, clear the massive popularity of the series "Teacher", which shows the image of the ideal for the modern school teacher. Just where to recruit so many "gym teachers"?

Just to tears

School need teachers remains the same, especially teachers of foreign languages. The government sets ambitious objectives for the education of the younger generation, speaking a foreign language. Perhaps English will become the fourth compulsory subject exam for admission to humanitarian Colleges. However, young boys and girls with knowledge of foreign language are able to find a more prestigious and secure job. Such specialists can certainly drive to school, but only under penalty of death.

If you add the aspect of pay in the Treasury of the drawbacks of the teaching profession, everything finally falls into place. The answer is simple – the teaching profession is in demand, but experts do not enjoy this offer. But, if I use, for special reasons, for example, a forced emigration from the CIS countries. In this case, the school serves as a temporary measure, a kind of launching pad for a period of adaptation. Special cause are own children. The teacher comes to school to combine control of the child and minimum wage. Of course, there are also pedagogical dynasty. This is a positive thing for all participants in the educational process.