Currently, the paving is mostly produced in small private enterprises. So the homeowner who wants to equip your site with the help of this material, you need to know selection criteria.

How to choose a paving?

The first thing you need to ask the seller paving the way in these manufactured products. There are two basic methods: vibratory casting and vibropressovoe. The first one is more preferable, since it does not involve mass production, and is actually a manual. Therefore, the tiles manufactured by vibratory casting method, has gloss, and has no equal in picture quality. But the geometry of the forms she is not perfect. If a homeowner were essential to the aesthetic appeal of pavers, it is recommended to choose these products.

Tile, obtained by vibrocompression that looks less beautiful than the previous one. But each product has a clear form, is resistant to mechanical stress, high strength. This paving will be able to withstand large weight loads, so it can be installed in places with heavy traffic. If the local area often call vehicles, including trucks, it is better to buy the paving stones made by this method.

Choosing paving slabs, you need to pay attention to its color. You should know that too bright and saturated – not an advantage and a disadvantage. He reports that in the process of production was broken technology: contains redundant amount of pigment. This paving will quickly crack and begin to crumble.

To verify the quality of paving, to take two of them and they knock each other. If the sound emitted is deaf, so there was a violation of drying technology products. If enough calls – paving contains a minimum of water, thus, has a proper quality.

What to look for when buying a paving?

If the pavement has the correct forms and all products of the same size, it will be easier to stack. If the edge of the tiles carved, you need to ensure that the products no chipping. It is important to find out from the seller how many cycles of freezing and thawing is capable of withstanding the selected paving. A quality product needs to be calculated is not less than 150 cycles.

If the local area you plan to use as a Parking lot, you need to choose products with a minimum thickness of 6 cm. If the machine is truck – 7-8 cm In other cases, it is sufficient to lay in the yard pavers with a thickness of 2.5 to 4 cm (If you put tile on a concrete Foundation, it will last much longer.