Preparation for laying of asphalt

At the first stage is the planning of roads and land for a platform that will asfaltirovana. Asphalt paths should not be routed close to trees (less than one meter), otherwise the roots will damage the coating. Asphalt is better not to put on sites where it will be all day sun with no shade. The marking is conveniently carried out using pegs and twine.

Further prepared "earthen trough". This deepening observed throughout the asphalt. Its depth is 20-30 cm Depth directly depends on the anticipated loads on the pavement. Remove the turf carefully selected roots from the soil. Prepare recesses for curbs. They can be laid on the height of the future asphalt pavement or slightly above for a more decorative. Borders will retain the shape of the tracks and platforms, and will protect it from cracking. Curbs are fixed on cement mortar, then they will stand firmly.
You will need spades and Grabarka. Twine, a tape measure, a set of pegs and a hammer. Hand-roller weighing 100 kg or more. Rammer or vibrating plate. MOP for leveling asphalt prior to laying, leveling.

Calculate how much gravel and asphalt required. For walkways, and occasional loads in the form of the car is enough to put gravel in the base, 10-15 cm fraction 20-40 mm and the sand layer. To site for cargo transport it is better to plan the drainage layer fraction 40-70 mm, gravel of 20-40 mm and a third layer of crushed stone with fraction of 5-20 mm. During laying of Foundation of each layer uplotnaet roller and watered with water for better adhesion of gravel. The roller need to walk at least five times.

Asphalt laying

The calculation of the number and cost of asphalt is conducted on the basis of the prepared area. Enough to write and apply a simple formula: the area of paving equivalent to a layer of asphalt (recommended 5 cm) and multiply by the cost plus shipping charges.
In the period of the basement structure under the asphalt pitch is given to the collecting of rainwater. Standard incline of 5-10 mm for each meter of the surface. The slope is determined by the level.

For asphalting of adjoining territory and entrance to the garage, order a fine-grained asphalt or sand. Laying should be carried out very quickly, so it is better to work as a team in a few people. Upload to several places, spread with shovels to level the MOP and immediately ramming roller and tamper and remote areas. To believe that the asphalt will cool down slowly, it is risky.

Shovel, tamper and ice skating treat diesel fuel to the asphalt did not stick to their surfaces. Follow the thickness of the asphalt layer, check the bias. In no case do not stop the ice rink on fresh asphalt. The roller is moving along the first, do platform, then across for leveling and smoothing of the transverse joints from the rink. Inaccessible to skating rink locations uplotnaet tamper.