You will need
  • -wedges;
  • -lace;
  • -curbstone;
  • -bars;
  • -large gravel;
  • -sand;
  • fuel oil or asphalt.
First, decide what purpose you are going to do track will they be subjected to considerable stress. If you care about the strength of the tracks, then the best option is concrete with wire mesh, paving or laying a thick concrete tile. If your goal is beauty and harmony on the land, for the construction of suitable brick, decorative tile, transverse saw cut of trees, etc. Each type of coverage has its own basis.
Once you have decided what will track, make markings on the area in the direction and size. To do this, the contours of future tracks to drive small wedges and pull them through the lace.
Flatten irregularities and layouts remove the soil to the desired depth. It depends on the terrain and thickness of the base, which you plan to do. They usually dig a trench to a depth of bayonet spade.
If you're going the edges of the track to draw borders, you can put them already at this stage. The finished concrete slab set on the edges of the trenches, fixing them from the back side (from the ground) with cement mortar. If you pour the curbs themselves, then this work can be postponed for later when you already make the track.
With the installation of curbs or, if they are not, when making the edge, calculate the small slope, then the water could freely drain away from the track. To do this, one side borders or boards of the formwork must be installed on a level little higher than the other. If the track is wide, it can be done without bias to one side, but slightly higher in the center.
On the edge of the trench, install the formwork boards and don't forget to make spacers from the transverse bars every five feet.
At the bottom of the recesses lay gravel, coarse gravel, broken bricks, slag or construction debris layer at least 10 cm the filling liberally pour water and thoroughly tamp. Add the water and compacted, you may need more than once. To determine the quality of the base, take a piece of gravel, put it on hard-Packed plot and step. If this piece will be pressed into the base, Drambuie else.
Pour on top of finer material (e.g., grantsev) layer of 5-7 mm and tamp it well again. Then, pour another 2-5 cm of sand. After that it is possible to put the coating itself, such as tiles, concrete, red brick, etc.
Tile and brick try to stack as tightly as possible to each other, but if you want to leave a gap for germination ornamental grass, fill them with sand and watering it with water.
If you put a track of asphalt, on the basis grantsev pour, drenched with asphalt and warm it smooth and tamp. And then place the final layer of asphalt thickness of 30 mm.
Before laying the track of wooden bars, each bar is soaked in fuel oil or asphalt. You need to put them on a substrate of sand. The coating fill with sand and warm it well with water so that the sand tightly closed all the cracks.