You can buy a company and then sell its assets. The best option – resale of tangible and intangible assets in the complex, but in the Russian reality this task is almost impossible. For large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, the main source of income will be the land on which the enterprise is located. In the regions of your profit will amount to real estate and fixed assets owned by the purchased company. For bankrupt enterprises, the cost of which is relatively small, there is an option sale of intangible assets such as brands, know-how, original recipes.
Make money on resale companies, you can after you acquire them and then put additional funds on their economic recovery. The term return on investment in this case is rarely more than three years, so their average yield is about 35% per annum. This is the real figure, given that the business often has significant tangible assets, and their liquidation value may exceed the selling price of the company. The yield on such purchase and resale will be much higher if the investor will have experience in the industry to which the purchased company, and communications ability to acquire municipal enterprises at a lower price.
Special stability and liquidity of the scheme is characterized by the acquisition of several companies, their subsequent integration and sale. This scheme has great appeal for foreign investors is not very common among Russian businessmen. It is complicated by the fact that the purchase and integration of several companies may require significant amounts and timing. So attractive from the point of view of purchase and resale may be a network of small specialized shops selling spare parts, mobile phones, perfume, products.