The first thing you need to pay attention to is acclimatization. On average, the habituation to the new climate takes about 20 days. Therefore, choose a vacation spot focusing on the smallest temperature differences. For example, it is not necessary in the winter to go to hot countries. For traveling with a baby choose your climate zone. This trip will be more safe for the baby.
If you don't want to spend a lot of time on the road, because it is an ordeal for a child, choose a vacation in a country house or at the recreation center. But in this case it is worth remembering that all domestic issues related to accommodation and care for the baby will fall on your shoulders. But you will save significantly compared to recreation.
If you prefer a vacation by the sea and want to introduce the baby with the sea air, then it is better to choose the hottest summer months to travel and the beach with the least crowd of people. Please refrain from trips to very distant countries and different climates. Choose a beach with a gentle descent to the sea and pre-take care of the absence of noisy young companies under Windows of your hotel.
The most popular in the autumn, enjoy a resort vacation in Egypt, Greece and Cyprus. Egypt is one of the most popular resorts in the autumn-winter period among families with young children. This is due to the short flight, no need visa and very warm sea. In addition, the Egyptian resorts have everything you need for a comfortable stay of small children. The hotels have special children's rooms with attentive and friendly staff.
Not as strong acclimatization peculiar to Cyprus. During the day it is still pretty warm and you can swim and in the evening already it is necessary to dress warmly. Flight to Cyprus is very time consuming. Parents will be satisfied with local food and wine, and the kids will be delighted gentle sea.
Greece. If you are tempted by more active, more successful than Rhodes. Here you can spend days, taking a stroller, wandering under the gentle sun, to admire the ancient ruins and the local beauty.