First, when choosing a vacation spot should consider several factors. If you are traveling abroad or at sea, try to choose a district, to the road there took too much time. In addition, it is not necessary to go with the baby where you will encounter too abrupt climate change: weak child's body can not move. Read reviews about town or country where you are going. If they are doubtful, consider any other tour. Also worth a responsible approach to the choice of hotel. Your room should be a separate shower or bathtub, hot water, and preferably the kitchen.
If you're not going to go too far, and just think to travel with baby on the nature, rate the weather conditions. If the weather is unstable, we can reschedule the trip if you don't want the storm caught you by surprise. If you are going to the country and will be able to wait out bad weather at home, you still should think in advance whether or not you have the ability to walk in the fresh air or have to spend the whole weekend indoors.
Secondly, going on holiday with a baby, how to prepare for the road. If you are travelling by plane, choose only reputable and reliable airline. Collect La your child in a flight bag that will put a bottle of water, baby food, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, a clean shirt and pants, and a couple of toys to occupy the child. Some also take their own laptops or portable DVD players on which kids can watch cartoons during the road. If you're travelling by car, bring more of the same, plus the car seat and the blanket.
Thirdly, take care of your convenience during the holidays. If you don't want to spend all my free time at the stove, stock up on jars of baby food. Some hotels or resorts you can buy them, but still it is advisable to take a few pieces just in case. Stock up on clean clothes for the baby, and warm, and lightweight, take a few toys. Do not forget about the stroller, even if you are traveling by plane. If not take, it will be very difficult to move around the city with a child and is unlikely to relax. Be sure to bring all necessary documents and responsible approach to the preparation of kits. If you are going to take the kid to the sea, buy an inflatable vest, armlets, round and ball – something that will be able to protect and entertain baby on the beach.
Inform your pediatrician about where you want to relax. It will tell you whether it is safe for the baby's health, and will make the necessary vaccinations. A certificate of vaccination will also need to take with you.