Can the distance be a barrier to love

The question about the possibility of the existence of love, when both parties to such relationships is shared by many miles, more philosophical than practical. In this case it mostly depends on the individual circumstances and actions of the two lovers.

Of course, relations of this type can arise in different situations. It happens that the couple met at a social networking website for singles or other similar virtual online. All the joint "property" is often in the correspondence, demonstrate each other's photos, but outside of the Internet reality they are not met.

In this case, each of them will have more tendency to idealize the other. In addition, there is a risk to fall in love in a dream, not a real image of his counterparts. Also absolutely no one can guarantee that at least one person in a couple is not a Scam, for some not noble goals "pothouses" friend/pen-friend a fictional story.

In any case, virtual friends - before you start planning a future together and to live such illusions, should at least once to meet outside the virtual space. Of such date (or better - several) will allow to draw conclusions whether their relationship is worth something or are they two never get along. If the current will be the first option, then it will be necessary to make decisions about the transfer of love from the Internet in real life.

It happens that the development scenario is somewhat different. A couple happened on vacation, business trip, etc. - in short, it was internal, not virtual. They were good together but our time together came to an end and everyone must return to their city, to the already-established life. Will the relationship survive in such conditions?

How to save the feelings of being away from a loved one

For starters two need to talk openly and to admit whether or not they both believe that between them any serious feelings, or was it just fun for the holidays/business trips. In the first case, it is not a sin to exchange contact information and continue intense communication, even being far away from each other.

Both lovers, it is also important to understand that the distance is really serious hindrance to their feelings, especially while they are still too fragile, and it is unknown whether they will develop into something more stable and sturdy. Because if each couple really dreams of a future together, they need to put a lot of effort to preserve the love and sometimes even to make some sacrifices.

First of all, they should make use of every opportunity for full communication. It is better to do this on the phone or email, and via Skype or using other similar programs where it is possible to connect a webcam and see each other. In this case, they will be able to some extent to fill the need for visual contact.

Also it is important for them to be the maximum involved in each other's lives. Here, every detail will matter. It is worth remembering the important for loved one/beloved dates, developments leading up to the birthday parties of his/her fish, cat or dog. Good memory in this issue will only contribute to a greater rapprochement between the couple and strengthen their relationship.

You must take every opportunity to meet. One date value exceeds a hundred conversations via Skype and thousands of e-mails. Spending time together is as productive. How she decides the pair. Main thing is that each of them received the necessary emotional charge from communication and better know the other.

It is not necessary to avoid small misunderstandings. Yes, to interfere with the rapid elucidation of the relationship should not be, but the visualization of the existing contradictions much better than trying to silence those things that lovers disagree with each other. In the second case both will just silently save the offense at each other, and the first case of successful overcoming of "inconsistencies" - will be even dearer and closer.

If you follow the above simple recommendations, long-distance relationships keep it is possible. Moreover - they will have a real chance to transform into something beautiful and lasting for many years.