To maintain a long-distance relationship is crucial for clear communication. Both partners need to understand that distance does not mean automatic termination of the relationship. If you really want to keep them, there are many means of communication: telephone, Internet, e-mail or a romantic letter. Whenever you are together, be sure to try to show his love, to make it clear to your partner that you need it, you appreciate it and cherish it.

Apart from these joint moments, you will be able to draw strength and confidence for the next meeting. You'll see that meeting after a long separation, will seem like a sweet dream. Clear communication expressing feelings, needs, thoughts, desires, hopes and fears is the basis of all relationships, and for a long-distance relationship is even more important detail of relations.

Trust is the best and can say, the only protection relationship from infidelity. In a functioning relationship, partners are honest with each other, and are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to enrich and strengthen their relationship. Feel free to talk about your feelings, it is also important to Express negative emotions. On the other hand, if most of your meetings are set up only negatively, it is a warning signal that the relationship cease to function and are doomed to failure.

For a dysfunctional relationship is characterized by a lack of shared thoughts, feelings and needs. Between partners accumulate unfulfilled promises, the contact frequency decreases, they don't know what each other talking, and sometimes partners accumulate anger and resentment towards each other due to non-achievement of relationship. In this case, a long-distance relationship, it is advisable to review.