That love at a distance does exist, shows the correspondence between the great people. Among them the great French novelist Honore de Balzac and his beloved Evelina Hanska, the famous English playwright George Bernard Shaw and a brilliant actress Stella Patrick Campbell, the great Russian poets Marina Tsvetaeva and Boris Leonidovich Pasternak. There are many other examples.

Love and modern technology

Today for help in love the advent of modern technology. They can chat in social networks, exchange affectionate TEXT messages for hours to talk on a mobile phone. If you live not seeing each other becomes impossible, to the beloved in a short time will take a quick plane.

Sometimes the love arises at a distance from the start. People learn online, with a head dive into the romance, I think that they were able to find their ideal. However, in such relationships, there is a risk to take for true love to just dream about it. Besides, on the Internet people often give themselves not for those who are in fact. As a result, the meeting in real life can bring only bitter disappointment. There is also the risk of becoming a victim of a maniac or marriage scams.

However, love at a distance can be and its benefits. If a man is alone and unsure of himself, even virtual relationships will be his salvation from the emptiness and loneliness, a source of positive emotions. The main thing – not to play too and not to confuse the real world with the invented.

Love and separation

If feelings arose in real life, and people truly love each other, a long separation turns into a difficult test. In addition, the head start to come unbidden thoughts about a possible infidelity. No need to torment his chosen constant checks often distrust kills even the strongest love. However, to leave a loved one completely without attention is not worth it. You can always find a way to communicate, which will be convenient and comfortable for both. True love is not afraid of any obstacles and distances. Separation may even strengthen it, forcing him to appreciate every moment spent with a loved one. As long as it is not dragged on for years. After all, the habit to reside at a distance from each other and capable of cooling even the most powerful and sincere feelings.