Addiction treatment

Addiction to drugs radically changes a person. Yesterday's quiet child becomes unruly, aggressive, irritable, short-tempered. He ceases to control his behavior and emotions, to realize the dire situation and consequences of their habit. The addict develops the illusion that at any moment he can get rid of their addiction.

Addiction requires mandatory timely intervention of treatment professionals to assign appropriate treatment. Parents of children who use drugs need to seek help at a drug treatment hospital. Complex, professional drug treatment is to prevent disastrous consequences from drug use on the body of the child to facilitate his condition and get rid of narcotic dependence.

Depending on the financial situation in the family, can be trusted with the treatment of the child commercial the clinic. As a rule, these hospitals are modern and effective methods of getting rid of the addiction. It is believed that private clinics can afford a higher quality of service and level of treatment in contrast to the state drug treatment centers. Commercial centers are taking a more intensive course of therapy, and therefore, the child's stay in a hospital is shorter than in the municipal narcological clinic. Also pay companies are more strict regime, which excludes the intake of drugs by patients during treatment.

Registration of narcological account

In some cases, treatment in drug treatment centers entails the statement on the narcological account. This circumstance suggests a restriction of some civil rights junkie. Registration of narcological account imposes a ban on engaging in certain types of employment, driving a car, you may also experience difficulties in obtaining various positive characteristics and references. Anonymous treatment at a drug treatment center can be an alternative option for registration.

Registration with drug records are prohibited without the consent of the parents of the minor child. It also may not be performed in cases of self-treatment for help when the patient has no serious mental disorders, as well as voluntary and expresses a sincere desire to get sober.

There are specialized social welfare and various non-profit organizations that provide psychological support and assistance to parents of children of drug addicts. In such societies, there is a possibility to receive consultation of experts, which will provide the necessary guidance and recommendations. Parents can share experiences and get tips from other families whose children suffer from addiction.