Collect the required set of documents for registration of the signboard. To do this, prepare another document - the Extract from the state unified register of companies (legal entities). It must be certified by the company seal;- a Copy of the certificate of registration in the State unified register. This document must also be certified by a company seal;- a Copy of the information letter about the decision on the account in EGRPO, certified by the company seal;- a Copy of the certificate from the tax authorities on registration of a company registration and INN assignment, certified by the company seal;- a Notarized copy of the document confirming the right of ownership of the premises, structure, building, or other property;- Notarized copy of the lease agreement with the owner or other person having certain property rights;- Conclusion of the technical examination;- Notarized copy of certificate from the Bureau which carries out technical inventory of owner of premises (buildings) of the current year. This certificate is valid for one calendar year;- Copy of the technical project with instructions of structure of the wiring of electricity.
Get permission to install a suitable advertising designs for signs. To do this, write the application to obtain this permit. Then provide a written statement along with the required documents to the local authorities.
Please note that when using the sign of any trademarks, you must provide a certificate of registration of the applied trademark and the resolution confirming its use. This document apply in addition to the above documents.
Wait a few days while your application will be considered. In the case of a positive decision, you can safely install an advertising sign.