Compost is obtained by decomposition of vegetable wastes. It is needed for fertilization of gardens, of them the plants "suck" the nutrients for their own benefits. For compost you will need a small yard with a size of 0.5*1 m or a large wooden box. Both need to be breathable and ventilated. You will also need the waste from your table: fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, tea leaves. Compost is a convenient way of waste disposal for any vacationer, because it almost does not accumulate in your home and yard.

The basis of the compost make up the brown part. These include: paper (not patent and no dyes), cardboard, coffee and tea grounds, sawdust, shavings, small tree branches, pieces of stumps, dry grass, dead leaves, old cloth, rags, corn stalks and sunflower seeds, a bit of ash from the furnace. The brown part of the compost serves as a food for beneficial bacteria.

The green part of the compost make up of freshly cut grass, clean fruits and vegetables, the droppings of herbivorous animals, the shells from the eggs, stalks of cabbages, its leaves, stems, weeds, algae. The green part decomposes rapidly, eaten by soil microbes.

The ratio of brown to green part will be like 5:1. That is, the five-centimetric layer of brown components laid one inch of the green part. If the last part is in excess, then pile smells like ammonia, in common – rotten eggs. In this case, it is necessary to add brown ingredients. If, on the contrary, the green part is low, the compost will rot for a very long time. Real compost should smell like the earth.

Also from the compost, you may notice fumes. That's OK, because inside the compost pile temperatures are maintained at about 60C. Putting my hand closer to the pile, you should feel heat coming. If no heat, then add green components.

The compost should always be moist under surveillance. In dry summers, don't forget to add water so that microbes do not dry. In rainy weather, on the contrary, cover with film from excessive moisture.

Don't forget that germs, workers for the good of your future harvest, aerobic. This means that they always need air. To constantly provide the air, your pile of compost as often as possible.

Compost is convenient for you and beneficial to your garden. In it, there is no chemistry that could go into the harvest your plot always clean from grass and garbage. And most importantly, it's completely free.