When you start to talk children

Most of the children uttered the first meaningful sounds to the age of one year. Is the norm, if a child says from two to ten words. But all children are different as to ability and character. For example, a sociable baby wants to communicate, so to speak it much sooner. More calm and considerate not in a hurry to start talking, it is with great pleasure observing the world around. He likes to play independently, and conversations of little interest to him. So small talk later, only after when he will want to Express their thoughts. Often to three years children are more or less clearly talking. But even if by this age the child is silent, it does not mean that it lags behind in development, but to consult with a psychologist still stands.

It is noticed that girls start talking earlier than boys. Then, when you start to talk to children, much depends on the parents, family environments and the relationship of adult to the child. The tense atmosphere in the family, frequent quarrels parents, talk in a raised voice or a complete lack of attention to the child will cause rather a desire not to speak and to cry and be capricious. Some parents do not communicate much among themselves or with the baby, so he is not feeling the attention, not seeking to communicate and confined to his little world.

It happens that too many parents talking to the baby, often commanding them or squashing of the ability to take the initiative. Such a child there is a feeling of unease in the presence of adults, in this case the desire to talk, the child is unlikely to appear. In addition, later begin to speak children who are being overprotective parents, trying to anticipate all his desires. Such actions lead to the fact that he had no need to take the initiative, and, especially, to speak.

How to quickly teach your baby to talk

First and foremost, the parents must be warm and friendly relationship with the child. You need to talk more, to read him books available with further discussion, sing songs, play exciting games. You need to call the baby the desire to say something, ask him more questions walking down the street, show him various objects, naming them, let the child repeats after you. Talking with your child you need to properly – accurately, clearly, concisely.

It is very helpful to massage the baby's fingers. They is a huge number of nerve endings, so these procedures help to develop the child's ability, due to which he used to start talking. "Finger games" for children perform the same function. With the child a year and a half you can try to play role-playing games. For example, it is possible to reproduce a conversation between two animals.

Children need support, so if you want to see the baby quickly spoke try to encourage, to push for dialogue. Try to have a child appear as often as possible feeling of happiness, elation that he'd like to put into words.