Stage of speech development in a child

There are certain norms of speech skills of the kid:

- 3 months – the first attempts to reproduce the sounds, "goo goo";
- 4-7 months – distinct sound combinations, such as "ASU", "agy", "Gee", etc.;
- 7-9 months – unconscious of the sound combinations like "mA-mA", "PA-PA";
- 10 months – 1.5 years – meaningful sounds and simple sentences: "Mama Kuku", "daddy cook", etc.

Already 1.5 years a child should start speaking, thus putting all the words in the right case and using them in the correct order.
Pediatricians suggest to start a conversation with your baby even when he is in the womb. They believe that because of this, the child will learn to speak.

First, the children describe their surrounding objects. The faster they memorize nouns, then pronouns, then adjectives that describe shape, color and size of objects. To two years the kid should be able to talk about their feelings (cold, hot, fun, hurt).

How to teach a child to talk

If your baby is about two years, and he doesn't want to talk, try to help him. To start with, reduce or even eliminate the use of facial expressions. The kids read information about the world from my mother's face, so if you avoid the facial expressions, the child will pay attention to the importance of speech.

All the items that sees the kid, call him clearly and, most importantly, correctly. If your child is trying to say something and distorts the words, pronouncing them badly, in any case do not repeat after him. Fix it and call things as they are.

While playing, the baby will be much easier to learn it. In recent times, there are sufficient number of educational games. Start with a game where you will match words with real (not abstract) objects. Say a simple phrase, for example: it's a cat, he says "meow", it's a chicken, she says "Ko-Ko-Ko", etc.

Also, to help you come to books with bright, and even better with surround pictures. Show the children the pictures and describe them. Call him all the items on it. When the kid learns the word, add to his vocabulary some words which characterize the subject.
Read your baby stories. Not only do they help your baby speak sooner, but also will develop his imagination.

Use massage to develop speech zone. To do this, perform the following steps by asking the kid to repeat for you:

- stroke the back party of palms, saying, "let's pet the kitty";
- RUB the palm, saying: "it was cold, let's warm up";
- shake your hands and say: "flying bird."

You can invent any exercises. Use different constructors, cubes, puzzles, they develop fine motor skills, which is responsible for language skills. And most importantly, communicate more with the child, play with him, and he will begin to talk.