Before speaking, the child learns to hear and understand the speech of others. While in the womb, he already feels gentle speech, gentle stroking. In the first months of life it responds to voice of mother and head turning trying to find it, when it makes different sounds. The nature of these sounds, you can understand the mood of the baby that he hurts. After 3-4 months the child with the appearance of the people they love the fun begins to babble something. He utters sounds similar to it, but they merge together. At the same time, with the child need to talk, correctly pronouncing words. Preferably the data words to fix some action or indication of the subjects to which they relate.
Scientists distinguish the child's passive and active vocabulary. Words that child can say aloud, refers to the active, and those that understand the passive. Vocabulary begins to take shape by 8-9 months. To 1 year baby there was a discrepancy between active and passive dictionaries. He can say 5-8 words, and understand hundreds more. And the first word that will be able to pronounce the baby does not have to be "mom".
The first words of the child are associated with people or objects that surround it. Their pronunciation, it may be simplified by replacing the sounds easily pronounced: "Chow", "bye-bye". Teachers also suggest to call things with two words: full name and the sounds that define it (the cow – "Moo" crow – "CAW"). In the development of speech of children are very helpful poems and tongue twisters.
To 1.5 years the child begins to make the simplest phrase . For 3-4 years he is able to speak full sentences. With 1.8 and 2.5 years with a child already possible to fully communicate like an adult. If not, you need to seek the assistance of a psychologist and speech therapist. Specialist first verifies the passive vocabulary of the baby. Speaking of life - not a mandatory factor, but to understand what he is told, the child must. To check, does the child understand your voice, it is difficult, therefore, it must be done by the specialist.
The development of children individually and directly connected with the attitude of the adults. Do not be lazy to talk to the baby, read books to him. Themselves will learn nursery rhymes and songs. Communication with the baby should be lively and interesting. Learn to understand your baby.