What is the goo goo baby

First and foremost is to define what a "goo-goo" baby, how it differs from other types of onomatopoeia. Curious fact that children who belong to different linguistic groups, start talking with the same sounds. A kind of speech activity - "goo-goo" - so named because of its resemblance to pigeon workteam.

The child begins to pronounce the vowels, then there is a guttural speech. When the baby will be clearly pronouncing "o", "a", "e", "u", "s", "I", he will begin to connect the sounds in "goo", "Ah-ha", "agugu", etc. Such action brings him great pleasure, because he "plays" with his lips, tongue and throat.

In how many months the child begins to babble

By the time the first language skills the child already has adapted to the outside world, he learns the people around them and responds to them with a smile. The baby need to pay more attention and more talking and not just to care for him. He needs the positive reaction of parents to the spoken sound, in this case, "goo-goo" will be repeated often.

Adults can make a child real talk, exaggerating the sounds and drawing his attention to the production of lips, and his tongue hanging out. In this case a child watching their parents, and then copy their pronunciation.

Narrow specialists and pediatricians have established the period to which they ripen are responsible for starting the spoken language functions of the brain. Goo goo at the baby occurs by 2-3 months of age when the baby is smiling and holds her head. This important stage of speech lasts until 5-7 months of age.

Why the child does not COO

The parents of the child, the development of which does not comply with these temporary regulations, do not panic. Every kid is unique and develops individually, so lead/lag is normal. This is true in the event that there are no aggravating factors, when the child does not COO, suddenly stopped doing, or started to babble after 7 months of age.

That is, if your baby responds to the environment, cheerful, healthy, well-gaining weight, but with little COO, so he's fine, it's just his personal rule, which does not affect the overall development.

In order to detect serious disorders in speech development, mandatory routine examination of the baby by an otolaryngologist. The doctor will be able to identify the objective cause of the disorders of speech or hearing aid and to answer questions parents why their child does not COO.

How to teach a child to babble

If the child makes sounds, parents need to take the following actions:
- often communicate emotionally with the baby;
- develop small and large motor skills, giving the baby to touch the different texture and shape of objects (it is necessary to be able to control his actions);
- read children's books, fun rhymes, rhymes to sing to baby "Petushki";
- play games where you need gestures, for example, "Ladushki", "magpie-crow", finger games;
- to speak correctly, without distorting the words, and not to Lisp with the child.