Kalina is a tall, hardy shrub, the height of the shoots can be up to 3 meters. Now few gardeners can be seen this plant on the site. But those who wish to plant viburnum in their country, can do it any time of the year, with the exception, perhaps, of the winter period. And if you want to propagate this shrub, it can be done in several ways. Viburnum can be propagated by seeds, cuttings or layering.


Propagation by layering is the most common and simple. To do this, select strong shoots, bends to the ground. Escape is placed in the pre-made groove, pin and sprinkled the soil which should be well tamped to avoid voids. So the escape will take root better. To provoke the more rapid appearance of the roots, often on the bark of the stem make cuts or remove the bark ring in the place where the escape comes in contact with the soil. Badly tilted, the escape is not necessary, as it may break. From the groove above the ground to leave the upper part of the escape length of about 10 cm. Rooted shoots are carefully dug and transplanted to a permanent place.

Propagation by cuttings

Cuttings for propagation of viburnum, you can use both green and woody. In the second method the cuttings harvested in the autumn, when the leaves have fallen or early spring before the SAP flow. Cuttings prepared in the autumn, to keep landing in the snow. Can I keep them in moist sand in a cold room. Best rooting of cuttings occurs, taken from the middle part of the shoots.

Green cuttings reproduction is carried out at sufficient humidity. Harvest cuttings early in the morning, then put them in the water. Further, the upper section made straight, and the bottom - at an angle of 45 degrees. On any handle leave not less than 2-3 internodes. The lower leaves are recommended to remove top and cut in half. Thus it is possible to reduce the evaporation of moisture. For faster rooting cuttings can be treated with a stimulator of root formation.
After planting the cutting it is desirable to cover a tin, to create a suitable microclimate inside.

Seed propagation

Propagation by seed is more difficult since the seeds of this plant have a small percentage of germination. For sowing of ripe viburnum berries wring out the juice from the resulting pulp choose seeds. They are washed and dried. In the autumn seeds are sown in the soil to a depth of 3-4 cm When spring sowing need to undertake a stratification of the seeds.

When growing viburnum from seed will bloom the Bush is 5 years after sowing.