The easiest solution for a novice businessman is to buy a franchise. Franchising involves the acquisition of businesses from companies with popular brand and well-established pattern of work. Advantages in building a business franchise are many.

Firm-the franchisor provides a ready business plan and provides support in the conduct of entrepreneurial activities, from advice on choosing the most favorable location of the premises to the supply of products and facilitate the training of employees. This business is profitable, and if the entrepreneur adheres to the proposed strategy of the business, its return corresponds to the stated maturity of the franchise.

Market franchises there is ample choice of offers on opening of business on the stated amount. The entrepreneur remains to focus on a more interesting field of activity and begin to cooperate. For example, for 500 $ you can open a tea boutique, a flower shop or pavilion for the sale of exclusive t-shirts.

Grocery store

Despite the fact that basic products are usually purchased in supermarkets, small grocery stores are a stable source of income. For 500 $ you can open a small shop, focused on products of daily demand. These points are in demand not only in residential areas but also in high-rise buildings, near bus stops and schools.

Vending machines

For 500 $ you can buy a few vending machines and start their own business. Among the most common are machines for beverages, food and other goods impulsive demand. While for business is not required to recruit staff and spend a lot of time on workflow. This is quite a profitable business and in demand in places of a mass congestion of people: shopping malls, schools, clinics.

Services to the public

Always in demand for community services, small workshops and salons. For 500 $ you can open a hair salon, nail salon or Studio. The costs incurred for the rental of premises, furniture and professional equipment. Main task will be to find two professional staff and monitor the quality and service.

Also, for this amount you can open a tire shop or a car wash, which give owners a steady income. In this case it is important to provide convenient access for transport.