Modest by the standards of normal business the amount of 100,000 rubles may be a great start in the Internet because many of your competitors will not have start-up capital. In order not to lose money online, you can try to make the case without using money at all. And only after you have examined the soil under my feet," assessing risks and studying all the free information on building websites and services, you can use your capital.

Money online it makes sense to spend on the purchase of wage labor, applications, and information that you will use in projects. Strive to achieve maximum attendance - then the advertising money will not keep itself waiting long.


The opening of your cafe, bar can be a good business for you. First, pay attention to competitors. The creation of another institution of public power can solve the problem of the whole area of a city or a specific audience - but only in the case of correct positioning.

The main dining expenses consist of purchases of food and rent. Although two hundred thousand rubles can be spent in the first month, you need to take into account the income. Why advertise the school would need to open.

It is advisable to look for commercial properties through realtors, and yourself. Sometimes the space in the center of the city can be removed without intermediaries for a small amount. But for this you need to have the entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance. Find the area empty for a long time after closing shop or beauty salon. Every day the owner of the premises loses money. Using this information, you can seriously bring down the price.

Resale, logistics

Resale (or retail) is one of the most ancient forms of Commerce. Its essence lies in buying cheap things where it is not in demand and selling it where it's needed. Sustainable retailers need to find a reliable supplier, ideally. Factory can offer the lowest prices on the items you should bring to your city (alone or with the help of a transport company). So you will help people to get what you want, and get yourself a percentage from this transaction.


According to the richest man in America Warren Buffett, "the best business is the way other people do". Using this formula we can conclude that investments in shares, currency or other businesses is one of the most reasonable means of investing money. However it is necessary to separate the "game of roulette" from an attention investment.

You can, for example, to use the knowledge and skills of professional investors - brokers and businessmen with experience. For their work they take a percentage of profits, but also can bring such dividends, which on a simple Deposit account in the Bank to earn 10% per month). Find brokers at banks or stock exchanges RTS (Russian trading system).