Mark levels of construction, what part of the round logs you will need to remove, mark with a pencil on both sides.
Hammer fine carnations at one end of the joists at the chalk line. Tie him to the twine, grated charcoal, stretch it and nail a thin nail to the intended line from the other end of the joists. Take the rope in the middle and pull like a bowstring release. The twine will snap into place and mark a smooth line along the coal just round logs.
Do the same with other hand round the joists. Take a chainsaw and carefully ndelete the beam over the entire length in increments of 10-15 cm to the level observed with twine.
Take a hatchet or a chisel, stelite unnecessary part of the logs to charcoal marks from its entire length. Align the planer. Lagi is ready. You can lay them on hardwood floors.
To trim the joists in the finished apartment enjoy in a different way. For this is a relatively young technology adjustable lag. You will need: a wooden beam 50x50 mm special plastic bolt racks, screws.
Drill the rod the threaded holes with a diameter equal to the diameter of the bolts the uprights, with a pitch of 35-40 see
Screw hole bolt racks, lay out the joists on the floor, stepping back from the wall by 6 cm, the distance between logs should be 40-50 cm between the beams joined with a minimum gap of 10 mm.
Using bolt racks, drill overlapping holes to a depth of 40 mm for fastening screws. Slightly screw the screws in bolt racks. Align the joists at the building level, tightening the bolt racks as needed.
Aligned on top of the lag lay the subfloor of plywood or 12 mm chipboard.
Such alignment allows the lag to achieve maximum accuracy and minimum level difference of the sexes in 1 mm.