Electric grinder quickly and easily sharpen knives, chisels, drills and other tools. It represents an emery stone, which is driven by an electric motor. As the abrasive material in an electric grinder, a mixture of corundum and magnetite. The higher the content of corundum - the more pronounced the abrasive quality of sandpaper.
Typically, one electric motor are located parallel to each other, two grinding wheel - the one with the larger particles of abrasive material and the other with smaller ones. Accordingly, one lap is intended for coarse sharpening and one for thinner.
Choosing an electric grinder, you first need to pay attention to the grindstone. There are sharpening circles of professional, semi-professional and consumer-grade. Household sharpener is not designed for prolonged daily use (no more than two hours per day). Sharpener professional grade use up to eight hours a day.
For sharpening tools in the home, it is sufficient to use a household knife and a motor with low rpm to 150 rpm. As a rule, these are used emery glass-dust the circles with a diameter of 20 cm and a thickness of up to 40 millimetres.
Most popular grinding wheels are made of fused and marked as "25". They do an excellent job with the processing of products from soft metals, scissors, axes, steel corners, etc.
Grinding wheels brand "64" are gray-green in color and are made of silicon carbide. They are designed for grinding of products from hard metals and alloys. For the treatment of products and tools of soft metals such circles are not suitable because they cause almost immediate appearance of scale.
It is also important to consider the granularity of the grinding wheel. Than it will be higher, the rougher will be grinding. The fine grain is marked with the number 8 and the largest is 40. The circles with a fine grit suitable for fine grinding.
The higher the power of an electric grinder, the more hard materials can be processed. Now the sale of common sharpening capacity from 120 to 400 watts. In the home, will generally apply the emery glass-dust with a capacity of 150 to 200 watts.
On the shelves of stores you can find electric emery glass-dust from different manufacturers. The most popular brands are sharpening "Croton", "Energomash", "bison" and "Interskol".