Electric lawn mowers have plenty of advantages - it is light in weight, is an order of magnitude quieter than diesel, requires no refueling, does not emit into the atmosphere exhaust gases. Thus even a small power is enough to handle the lawn on a standard plot.

According to the method of movement of electric mowers is divided into self-propelled and manual. As the name suggests is a manual lawnmower you have to carry or push as the cart in front of him, and propelled itself carries a person by land, he can only turn the steering wheel and it can be quite fun.


The cheapest type of electric lawn mowers - trimmer, it is a rod from the mower head on one side, the rod also includes a handle which is worn by the trimmer during the mowing of grass. Usually in the mowing trimmer head located line, that the rapid rotation of mowing grass, but more expensive models can be equipped with still and metal knives, it allows to cut even very thick stems that line is going to take. The trimmer is suitable for areas with uneven terrain, you can mow the most inaccessible areas, it is cheap and unpretentious, and takes up little space when storing.

The older models of trimmers equipped with a shoulder strap for a more comfortable fit, also engines they have moved from the mowing head on the opposite side of the rod, allowing you to mow wet grass.

The main drawback of the trimmer - mowing line: the fact that the grass in this case is torn, not cut, and the lawn is not very neat. In addition, someone to carry a few hours in the hands of a relatively heavy trimmer will be hard. Also after treatment of the lawn trimmer you have to collect the grass.

When choosing a trimmer in the store be sure to take it in hand and try for its growth, it is very important that you feel comfortable to wear it.

The line at the cutter head is gradually erased, make sure to pull out of the new drum line is easy, ideally this process should occur automatically when you press the button, not manually.

Lawnmower truck

Lawnmowers in the form of trolleys is designed for smooth lawns with this mower you can easily handle a fairly large area. In the upper part of the engine, below the knife.

Unlike trimmers mowers-truck is equipped with travelamerica special container, which gets all the grass mowed during work. Transparnecy the more volume, the higher the power mowers, but in any case, they have often enough to shake. Some manufacturers skimp on quality of the collector, but no good it does not, it is better to buy a mower with good collection of rigid plastic and use it for years than to throw the defective item after the first mowing.

Pay attention to the wheels of a lawn mower than they are wider, the device will be more maneuverable and less risk that there will be traces of the wheels.

Some lawn mowers come with a mulching function, it allows you to not only cut grass but also grind it strongly. Dust, which is obtained from the herb, is thrown off the lawn, and remove it is not necessary, on the contrary, the lawn becomes even greener, and the dust acts as a good fertilizer.

When using wheeled lawn mowers it is necessary to monitor under the knife did not hit stones or other hard objects, the knife of such lawn mowers get dull fairly quickly, especially if unusual load.

Self-propelled lawn mower designed for very large areas, they are usually used for commercial purposes, for example, the cut Golf course. However, such mowers are very rarely electric.

General tips for choosing

Power electric mowers usually does not exceed 2 kW, but more often they have less levels. Power the easiest trimmers ranges from 250 to 500 watts. Such power is enough for normal cutting of the lawn of a small size. More powerful mower is designed for mowing of field grasses, and even shrubs. So the necessary power you need to choose on the basis of what is the composition of grass on your site.

Electric lawn mower is powered by the mains, which means it constantly stretches the wire, it imposes restrictions on its use. To treat large areas, we have to buy extension cords, it is better not to save, as there should be no any risk of electric shock.

Convenient lawn mower with adjustable height of mowing, they can be used to mow the grass on the rough surfaces.

If you liked any of the models, and it meets all your requirements, do not rush to buy it, make sure reviews about it on the Internet, often have the ideal characteristics of lawn mowers there are hidden disadvantages, which can be read only when using.