The history of Panama

Men's Panama was a stylish item such world figures as al Capone, Harry Truman, Nikita Khrushchev, Napoleon. Panama was previously worn only by the people in Ecuador, some time later they began to wear not only on beaches but also in large cities. There is a view that the name of this piece originates from the name of the country where it was first created this hat. However this is a misconception. Panama was first created in India.

Panama was originally made of cane, these things were quite expensive. Currently, Panama is a kind of cloth hat that has a soft field. Previously, many dudes was selected as the headdress that is Panama. They were considered a sign of luxury and wealth. Today the real Panama create manually. Elegant and totally weightless models many men prefer to wear clothes made from flax. Panama will protect you from the sun and will not burn the face. This is a great choice for summer and holiday. This hat features a distinctive fold in the center.

Panama often made from light and breathable material. You can pick up a light shirt or t-shirt, and sunglasses. Believe me, in this way you will look stylish and relevant. It is ideal not only for rest on the beach but also for walking along the promenade. Currently, this headdress is made not only of straw but also cotton and also mesh. Also today, the popular model, created from environmentally friendly material.

What to wear with Panama

In hot weather, it will protect from the scorching sunlight and in the evening will be an indispensable part of stylish and fashionable image. Panama are perfect for a friendly party or a romantic date on the beach. If you want to create a stylish image then you should pay attention to the models in the following shades: beige, black, white, brown, lemon, scarlet, gray. Panama ideally be combined with casual style.

Such a thing belongs to the category of universal and suitable for a suit or shirt, made of plaid fabric. Panama is the final element of any set of clothes. It emphasizes the masculinity and elegance, and also gives uniqueness of the male form. Not there is a more appropriate headgear for a holiday in Turkey, Tunisia, Vietnam and other tropical countries.