The basis and background for panels

To make the panels on the wall with your hands, you should consider the style and colors of the room where it will be. Then you should decide on appliances. Every year options for creating panels is becoming more and more. However, the principle remains the same.

You must first do the groundwork and background for panels. The material for the base may be paper, cardboard, canvas, cloth. To create the background based on the use a variety of paints: gouache, watercolor, acrylic paint for fabric painting, pastel, spray paint. Also the background can be any decorative paper: corrugated, handmade, velvet, napkins for decoupage, floral.

Consider the story of the future panels. If you are a beginner in creating a mural, start with a simple background and simple materials. To create murals in the kitchen, use the items on the kitchen theme: artificial fruit and berries, coffee beans, various grains,textile items. For children fit bright toys, flowers. For the living room, dried flowers, shells.


To make the panels on the wall with their hands, take to the basics sheet cardboard. For the background use a cotton calico. Secure it with the buttons on the subframe. Moisten with a spray bottle. For applying a background paint to use for batik. Apply in random order several colors of paint suitable for color mixing. In this case, you must take the blue, blue and violet colours. Apply them to the fabric with a brush. Gently spreading on the fabric, they form an interesting pattern. If you find that the picture is dark, apply with a brush on this place of ordinary water. Then sprinkle some areas of salt. Do this carefully. Salt corrodes the paint, will create an additional pattern. If you want to stop this process, blow-dry fabric with a Hairdryer. After the fabric is completely dry, attach it to the base.

Prepare material for panels. Roots and shells treat in saline solution. Beads will secure on the wire-bulance. Lay out the material on panels. First you have to take place for the major elements. Then put small, and finally roots and wire-balonku. You have created the arrangement should look good from any side. If you are satisfied, start gluing. First attach skelettierung leaves, then seashells, starfish and root. At the end of the wire stick-balonku with beads.

If you want to do a mural on the wall with your hands, use a material that will remind you about specific events in your life. Seashells will remind you of the trip to the sea, a pressed flower and a ticket on the trip to the theater. Check your inventory, you will definitely find material for future panels.