The dream about the train and its interpretation

The person, after he ina dream the train is likely to start to think about the meaning of his dreams, because this way is absolutely not trivial, and certainly has some meaning, something portends.

If a young lady dreams of a train that keeps far way, it means that the woman will soon find their friends, respect, support, love and understanding.

If you choose a car in your dream, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you are too picky in choosing Boyfriends. Thus, the higher power wants to tell the girl that she needs to think a little bit and stop.
Young women need to pay attention to those guys who are close to her and near her.

A dream so long a train to see his tail is not possible, promises you a new pleasant experience.
If in your dream you are running to catch the train, it means that your dreams will come true, you only need to exert some effort.

Trains in dreams may warn you about something. So, if you wanted to go by train, but did not, and he closed the door in front of you, in real life, be careful, perhaps some people gossip about you or somehow discredit your dignity.

A train wreck in a dream

More dangerous values are the dreams of the train wreck. Such dreams are the result of subconscious fear of what man can become the victim of a natural disaster or other emergency situation. Different dream books dream about the crash of composition explained in different ways. Thus, according to one of them, this dream indicates a threat to your health, serious illness. The whole train is the body of the person he is dreaming, so if the structure has crashed, then you there is something wrong. The dream warns that you should pay more attention to their health.

Another dream book says that the train crash is a sign saying that you can be poor, your financial condition will worsen considerably. A train wreck in my dream is the crash of the financial stability of your well-being. This dream may be caused by the fact that you very often think about this turn of events, worried about it. Therefore, you should avoid such thoughts.

According to another version to observe a train wreck in a dream means overcoming troubles due to your cowardice.