Where there are dreams?

During the day, modern man receives a large amount of information. The brain simply does not have time to recycle it. It selects from the stream of information only the most necessary and important. The rest deals with the human subconscious mind, which continues even at night. Due to its operation, people and dreams.

They can be reflected echoes of the past day and impressions from the past. Dreams are colorful and gray, memorable and boring.

How to solve sleep?

A man trying to understand the meaning of the dream to look into the future to predict future events. For this and there are dream books – interpreters of dreams.

To solve the sleep, you need to mentally decompose it into components, then choose the brightest of them, to designate in one word, for example, a meeting. This word should be sought in the dream.

For correct interpretation of the dream should pay attention to its details: the surrounding objects, people, and animals. They have something to symbolize.

What the dream means?

If reality wife experienced a spat, a quarrel in a dream – to establish relations. Wife subconsciously looking for reasons family troubles, thinks about it. So, the first step toward reconciliation she has done.

Sometimes the opposite situation. In this case, the wife suspected the husband of change, afraid of losing him. Or hides an affair and constantly waiting for exposure.

From the family relationships look perfect. But the wife understands: actually it is not. Here and dream about her future quarrel with her husband.

If a woman wakes up in tears – someone from home will get sick. If the storm didn't bother her, the dream promises good health, the sick person will recover.

Big argument predicts trouble outside the home, which can affect the family business. To fight with my husband - so expect him to be support and help for making important decisions.

If the husband in the dream looks beautiful – the house will be filled with happiness. If pale and sick – he cheats on his wife.

When the fight is accompanied by leaving home or exile, the dream portends failure in business, frustration.

In General, swear in the dream with the beloved, even to fight, very well. All the accumulated anger is realized in the dream. In reality the pair expects peace and harmony.

By dream healer Fedorovsky, any dispute meeting, good news. French dream interpretation this interpretation confirms.

Contrary to the predictions

When a dream in which a woman quarreled with her husband, threatens to become a reality, we must try to change the course of events. To defer a showdown for a week. During this time the couple has cooled down, soberly assess the problem. Maybe the reason for the quarrel will be gone.