Contact the Department of traffic police in order to find out what unpaid fines you listed. To call and get the information you need you are unlikely. To find the addresses of departments of traffic police and the time of reception of citizens on the sites or You will need to present your passport and driving license.
If you're not sure, the employee of a regiment of traffic police wrote you a ticket, it's not a problem. You can apply for any post of traffic police to get the information you need.
If your busy schedule does not allow you to permanently absent himself from work, sign up on the website Complete the form by typing name, passport details, the number SNILS and INN. Choose how to receive the activation code of your "Personal Cabinet" (the Russian Post or in spetstsentr service "Rostelecom").
Get activation code Personal account (approximately two weeks after initial registration). To receive a registered letter or notification in "Rostelecom", you will need to present a passport.
Go to the website Enter the code and get access to the services portal. In addition, a further authorization you will need the password you specified during registration, and the number SNILS.
Find the list of services on the website section "Information about the presence of administrative violations in road traffic". Enter the number of your vehicle and number of certificate of registration. Get information about your existing unpaid fines. If necessary, print a receipt for their payment, using the form provided. This receipt you can pay at any branch of Sberbank.
You can send a request and pay the fines via an SMS on short number 9112 (valid for any operator). The text of the message: the traffic police No. TA WU.