You will need
  • - USB drive;
  • - DVD-ROM.
Start by creating a bootable device. To install Windows operating system on a laptop company ITC, you can use a DVD or USB drive. In the first case, you will need a blank DVD-R (RW) and the ISO File Burning. Download and install the above software and insert the disk in the drive. If your laptop currently has no operating system installed, use any other computer with a DVD drive.
Download the installation files of Windows 7 operating system, using the available sources such as the official website of Microsoft. The loaded information should be a virtual disk image in iso format. Run a previously installed program. In the line "Path to iso" select your downloaded file. In the "Drive" select the DVD drive, which is prepared to drive. Click "Burn ISO" and wait until the operation completes copying files.
If you want to install Windows 7 from a USB drive, connect the flash drive to the computer and open a command prompt. To do this, press "start" and R. In the window that opens type in Cmd and press Shift +Ctrl+Enter to run the program in administrator mode.
Now you need to prepare a USB flash drive to write files, OS. Alternately, enter the command Diskpart and List Disk. Find out what number you need listed USB drive and type Select Disk "number of drives". Next, type the following command:
CLEAN (clear stick)
CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY (create new partition)
SELECT PARTITION 1 (select the partition)
ACTIVE (set the label "Active")
FORMAT FS=NTFS QUICK (quick format)
ASSIGN (to apply settings)
Transfer the boot files to the flash drive. To do this, run the file located in the iso image. Run any software application to work with virtual drives, for example Alcohol. Mount the image and see which letter was assigned by the system. At the prompt, type F: cd boot where F is the drive letter of the virtual drive.
Enter bootsect.exe /NT60 and press Enter. After the operation completes successfully, close the command prompt. Copy files from a disk image on the flash card.
Restart the computer and press F12. Specify which device should execute the run (DVD or USB). Wait until you run setup for the Windows 7 operating system and follow the steps.