You will need
  • The distribution of the operating system Windows XP flash drive.
The main task when you install system on a flash drive – to get to see the motherboard of the media on which you will be installing. This requires the BIOS to adjust the boot list (Boot). There are drives up to 1 Gb (USB-FDD, USB-ZIP) and flash drives over 1 Gb (USB-HDD). Using Partition Magic or similar to format the flash drive, use FAT32.
If you use when you installed the stick less than 2 Gb, using the program nLite trim distribution (the standard Windows XP installation requires 1.2 Gb of free space). After inserting the installation disk with the system, then restart the computer. Will start installing the operating system, select "without changing the file system."
After restarting the system installer, it will launch the system. The system will give an error, this is normal. Turn off your computer, connect your hard drive, turn on the laptop. The other day I needed to pull out. Download from the Internet archive FlashBootXPver1.rar extract it to a temporary folder.
Click the start menu, click Run, type regedit. Select the registry branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, click the "File" menu, select "Load hive". Open the following folder on your flash drive WindowsSystem32Config, open the file System and enter a number 123. Pressing the right mouse button on the partition, select "Permissions". Select "Administrators", enter the full access permission.
Next, select the "Advanced" tab, select "Administrators", enter the replacement of permissions on all child objects. Navigate to the files from the archive FlashBootXPver1. Just right click on the file USBBOOT.REG, select "Merge".
Returning to the registry editor, you must highlight the section 123. Click the File menu, then select "Unload hive". Copy the file usb.inf, usbport.inf, usbstor.inf in the folder
WindowsInf on your boot drive.
Turn off the computer, disconnect the hard drive, boot from the flash drive. Installation of operating system may continue more than two hours.