You will need
  • - WinSetupFromUSB;
  • - USB drive.
The docking stick can be done using shell Windows or special tools. The second method is much more convenient because does not require knowledge of the desired commands. In addition, not every user has access to administrator accounts of the computers. Download archive programs WinSetupFromUSB.
Extract it to a separate folder, to ensure stable operation of the utilities. Run the file WinSetupFromUSB.EXE. Click Boot Ice to start the corresponding utility. She will need to create boot sector on your flash drive or external hard drive.
Expand submenu the Destination Disk and select the flash drive. If you want to install Windows from an external hard drive, create a new partition and select it. Click Perform Format.
After launching the new dialog menu, select USB-HDD mode. Click Next Step and specify file system, which will format the specified drive. It is better to use NTFS when working with maps of a large volume.
Click Ok and confirm the execution of the appearance of warning dialogs. Close the utility Boot Ice. Go back to the program WinSetupFromUSB.
Select the first menu prepared partition or drive. In the submenu Add to USB disk, select the checkbox of the desired item: Windows XP or Vista / 7. Of course, the choice depends on which operating system you plan to install.
Specify the folder containing the files copied from the installation disk. You can simply choose the drive letter if you did not make a copy. Press the GO button and wait until finish copying the data.
Restart the computer and hold the F8 key. Select the menu item USB HDD and launch Windows setup.