Crackers is ordinary bread or bakery product, dried in the oven. Croutons can be prepared salty or sweet with various spices. Then they are added to salads, soups or eat as a snack. In addition, the breadcrumbs help if you have problems with the intestines.

Store the crackers long enough due to the fact that bread drying out all moisture and does not deteriorate. To prepare the croutons is easy, but you need to know a few nuances that they turned out delicious and crispy.

How to dry sweet crackers

Typically, sweet biscuits needed white bread, you can still use rolls or buns. But it is important that the baked product was not very fresh, otherwise the crackers can inside stay moist. The loaf should be cut with a sharp knife into small pieces so they cook faster and probably dry from all sides. Before drying they should be sprinkled with powdered sugar. Doing it in process is not recommended, otherwise the dust just won't stick.

Sliced crackers spread on cookie sheet or pan without oil. The oven should be heated to a maximum of 100C, otherwise the bread just fry on top, and inside will remain raw. Dry the crackers for 20 minutes, then turn off the oven and leave them on the baking sheet for another 20-30 minutes so they turned crispy. Now sweet croutons are ready, they can be eaten just with tea or add to fruit salads.

How to dry salty crackers

For the preparation of savoury crackers will suit black or grey bread. With a sharp knife cut into small pieces, previously sprinkled with salt or spices, you can also RUB the bread with garlic to enhance the taste. The bread should be spread on a baking sheet or pan and dry using the same technology, and sweet crackers. These crackers will be an excellent addition to soups and salads.

Useful tips:

- it is best to dry the breadcrumbs out of stale bread, so they are more tasty and crunchy;
- additions to the breadcrumbs can be anything – garlic, cinnamon, hops-suneli, curry, greens, cheese and so on;
the remaining when cutting crumbs can be dried and used as breadcrumbs, or add to burgers;
- the smaller the particles, the better the quality and taste of the breadcrumbs;
you don't have to use only bread, dry can any sweet bakery products with different additives.