You will need
    • black or white bread;
    • sunflower oil - 2 tbsp;
    • salt - to taste
    • seasonings.
Slice the bread cubes or slices. On crackers, as a rule, goes stale bread, but make sure that it was moldy or had a rancid smell from storage in the package. Crackers can be dry and fresh bread. The bread is finely cut for salads, large – for soups.
Place the sliced bread on a flat dish, designed for microwave ovens. Drizzle with vegetable oil, sprinkle with your favorite seasoning and season generously with salt. You can add dry or fresh crushed garlic and goat cheese. Crackers work well with paprika, with burning red pepper, croutons for salads, you can sprinkle with seasoning for grilled chicken.
Preferably the plate cover special cover for microwave ovens or a simple paper towel. Put the plate with the bread in the microwave and turn it on maximum power mode of cooking (900 watts). After 2 minutes, flip the crackers and turn for another 2 minutes.
Remove from heat and allow the crackers to cool. Fast food is ready.
Crackers should be stored in the package. If you did a oil crackers, pour them in a glass jar, close the lid and put in the fridge. Dried breadcrumbs (practically no oil) can be stored in a wooden Cup with a wooden lid. Store the crackers more than 1 month. Like bread, they can become rancid or mold.
Crackers is recommended to serve instead of bread for soups and sauces. This snack is ideal for tea instead of cakes. Quite convenient to take crackers on a hike, an expedition, a flight or long journey. And dried bread indispensable for therapeutic purposes, for example, in disorders of the stomach. Crispy crackers help a weak stomach to work again as usual and recover after poisoning.