Person who is irresponsible about money, and especially debt, will never be financially free. To take money in debt can only in the most extreme cases and only with close friends.
When finances are necessary for the accomplishment of any goal, right much money to implement the plan, and the thing required a certain amount. Money cannot be the goal. When you take the money in debt, the goal is to recover and collect the money. The person becomes dependent on this goal.
Psychologists believe that long-term debts of a person able to attract failures in Finance and new debt. Therefore, you can borrow only a small amount and to do everything possible to promptly get her back. The best day to repay the debt is promised when taking the money day. Next time, if the person again asks to borrow money, it promises to repay the debt in time will believe.
Love money account, order and control. The most important rule, carrying out which will never have to take on debt is to spend less than you earn. If this money is not enough, you need to look for opportunities to earn more. If the right to distribute your monthly budget, the money should be enough for all the necessary spendings.
However, people noticed some signs and came up with beliefs that are associated with the impact of debt. For example, it is believed that it is impossible to give the money in the evening. If you treat money like a living substance, you need to understand that in the evening they fall asleep, so all operations with finances it is better to wait until morning, even count the money not worth it at the end of the day.
Better not to pay debts Monday, the beginning of the week is very busy and challenging period. If the term of repayment expires on Monday, you need to make every effort to make this the day before - on Sunday morning, and better in the afternoon. Taken to return the money in small bills, and not deployed, and folded in half. It is believed that because other people's money no longer have to ask for in life.
There are also beliefs regarding the financial debts that are associated with the lunar cycle. For example, to repay the money is better and more correct, when the moon is in the stage of descending, but not desirable on the 19th lunar day.
All the signs have one important feature – they come true to those who believe in them. Not to miss out on a fortune in Finance is not to take other people's money. But if it so happened that I had to take – always on time and in full to return the debt.